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Cancer Research

This section includes publicly available research on a variety of pertinent topics.  Feel free to print or save the articles that interest you.  Articles are organized by topic to help you quickly find what interests you.

Research Categories

The cornerstone of my healing journey, this section contains research on various aspects of nutrition as it relates to healing and wellness. 

This section includes articles about both household toxins and personal product toxins we need to avoid to remain healthy. 

A recent topic of interest to me, this section addresses the research on survival rates and recurrence rates for patients who undergo lumpectomy (Breast Conservation Therapy) vs mastectomy.  

One of our pillars of healing is stress reduction.  This section focuses on various aspects of stress reduction, as well as the research on Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn's Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction - which aims to address the unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors thought to increase stress and undermine health.  


There is growing research on the importance of good quality restorative sleep for healing.   (COMING SOON)

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