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About Us

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Cynthia Searle

Two Time Cancer Survivor
Certified Radical Remission Instructor

Click Here for Cynthia's Bio and
Details on her Cancer Journey

Hillary Piniaz

Cancer Survivor
Radical Remission Retreat Coordinator
Beauty Counter Business Owner

Click Here for Hillary's Bio and
Details on her Cancer Journey

MPoWR St. Augustine is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization created with one specific purpose:  to provide much needed education and support to community members who are somehow touched by cancer and/or chronic illness.  As a young triple negative breast cancer patient, our founder, Cynthia Searle, asked her oncologist what she could do to actively participate in her cancer fight and ultimate wellness.  At the time, little was known about effective anti-cancer practices.  When her cancer quickly returned, she knew that her survival depended upon her ability to make immediate and effective daily lifestyle changes.  Rooted in scientific research, the changes she made form the foundation of MPoWR St. Augustine and were later supported by the research detailed in Radical Remission:  Surviving Cancer Against All Odds.

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