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MPoWR St. Augustine is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization created with one specific purpose:  to provide much needed education and support to community members who are somehow touched by cancer and/or chronic illness.  As a young triple negative breast cancer patient, our founder, Cynthia Searle, asked her oncologist what she could do to actively participate in her cancer fight and ultimate wellness.  At the time, little was known about effective anti-cancer practices.  When her cancer quickly returned, she knew that her survival depended upon her ability to make immediate and effective daily lifestyle changes.  Rooted in scientific research, the changes she made form the foundation of MPoWR St. Augustine and were later supported by the research detailed in Radical Remission:  Surviving Cancer Against All Odds.

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Cynthia Searle

Hillary Piniaz

Two Time Cancer Survivor
Certified Radical Remission Instructor

Click Here for Cynthia's Bio and
Details on her Cancer Journey

Cancer Survivor
Radical Remission Retreat Coordinator
Beauty Counter Business Owner

Click Here for Hillary's Bio and
Details on her Cancer Journey

Our Board

Ron Viafore

Papa V   Dada    Poppy

Kicked Cancer's Butt


La familia e gli amici sono tutto

Game. Set. Match

Be the "1"

Joy Viafore

Wife, Mommy, Mom-in-Law, Grammie

Who wants to always:


Cherish What Matters Most

Be Thankful

And Maybe Even Dance A Little

Contessa O'Connell, Esq

Family Law Mediator

Civil Mediator in the Making
Mom to Jack and Sam

Loves Anything Cleveland 

Chemo Friend to Cynthia 

Port Removal Day Partner for Cynthia

Shawn B. Rowe

World Wanderer and Seeker


Dad to Jason and Jasmine

Water Intrustion Expert

Loves Surfquest

Mayo Day and Bald Surfing Day

with Cynthia

Bart Piniaz


Daddy to Barrett

Husband and Best Friend to Hillary

Lover of art, living on the water,

A good Bourbon and 

Ice Hockey

Jules Schmidt

Creative Director, Family of 6 + 2 dogs

Practitioner of Nia and Yoga

Jesus and FSU

Sunshine and Beach Girl

Americano with Steamed Heavy Cream


Whiskey on the Rocks

Ashley Berg

Soccer and Tennis Player

Anything Outdoors or on the Water

Mom to 3 Amazing Young Men

Frugal and Business Minded

Master People Connector

Tracie Saad

Wife, Mother of 2 humans and 1 canine

Sister, Auntie, Friend

3 Time Cancer Survivor

Autodidact Nutritionist

Music Lover


Mitzi Fisher

Mom to BJ

 Caregiver to Everyone


Prayer Warrior

Beach Walks

Tennessee Family Time

Louis Fisher

Real Estate Consultant to Gov't Agencies

UF Graduate

Avid Golfer

3 Time State Champion Auctioneer

Servant of Jesus Christ

Molly Butler

Girl Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Mom   Wife   Daughter   Sister

Cancer Survivor Wife

MPoWR Community Partner

She is Fierce

Multiple Heavy Plates in the Air

is a Good Thing

God's Got This

Kris Phillips

WFOY 102.1 Phillips Broadcasting

Lover of microphones and padded rooms

Mom to Cory and Aubrey

Grandmother to Baby Jack, but call me Krissy

Breast Cancer Warrior

Child of God

Recovering control freak

Avid cook - bad gardener

but crazy about it anyway