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Dr. Kelly Turner, PhD spent a year traveling the world and interviewing cancer survivors who had experienced unexpected cancer remissions - what we call 'Radical Remissions'. She asked each patient one simple question:  what did you do that you believe contributed to your healing?  She found that all interviewed survivors had 9 practices/habits in common:  a combination of physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological activities that promoted good health and wellness.  These practices ultimately lead to their healing and long term wellness. 


The teaching of these 9 Radical Remission wellness factors form the foundation
of the work of MPoWR St. Augustine. 
We currently provide three distinct on site Radical Remission opportunities:

  • 5 Day Retreats     including instruction on all 9 factors, bonus instruction on the mind/body connection and exercise, HEAL movie night, daily personal inventory and experiential activities linked to each of the 9 factors, healthy cooking class, morning  meditation and yoga daily,  guest testimonials from cancer survivors, and optional individual add-ons: massage, acupuncture, energy healing, salt baths, infrared sauna.  CLICK HERE  for more detailed information and a 5 Day Retreat Sample Schedule.


  • 2 Day Intensives   including instruction on all 9 factors, as well as an introduction to the mind/body connection and experiential activities linked to each of the 9 Radical Remission factors.


  • Weekly 2 Hour Drop In Sessions    Geared toward serving the local cancer community, these drop in sessions focus on 1 factor per session.

We can also provide custom on-site Radical Remission programs for community organizations, local corporations and civic groups.

Email for further details.

Let's Make A Difference

MPoWR St. Augustine is a 501(c).3 non profit organization.

Tax ID 4444444

Here are some ways you can donate:

By Mail

1093 A1A Beach Blvd., #547

St. Augustine, FL  32080


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Tel:  904.810.8100

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