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MPoWR Packs

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention.  Well, in the case of our MPoWR Packs, this is certainly the case.  I was approached by a real estate colleague and asked about MPoWR and what we offer.  When I finished explaining our mission, he told me he was impressed with our healing and wellness program, but asked whether we had anything that represented our program that he could give as a gift to a friend that had just been diagnosed.  At the time my answer was 'no'.  But ..... what a GREAT idea, I thought.  In creating the MPoWR Packs my goal was to answer the unanswered question I had asked of my doctor:  What can I do to help myself heal and remain cancer free?   In essence, we have created a 'one stop shop' to help fighters and survivors create a research-based action plan for healing and long term wellness.  Available for fighters and survivors themselves, or can be sent/delivered customized as a gift for a fighter or survivor.  

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What's Included in the Base Pack

The base MPoWR pack seeks to address all aspects of our wellness curriculum.  Our cornerstone is a healthy nutrition plan, so we include The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginners.  This book provides an introduction to healthy, anti-cancer eating with recipes and guidelines for how to prepare food in the healthiest way possible.  We also include a laminated cheat sheet for foods to embrace and foods to avoid to use as a reference.  While nutrition is our foundation, none the less we have found that healing and long term wellness is directly affected by other equally important lifestyle habits and practices.  To help the fighter or survivor address these areas we have included Anti Cancer:  A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD.  In this book he addresses the biology of cancer, the importance of a clean environment, the relationship between our mind and body in disease and wellness, the importance of physical fitness and helpful tips on embracing change.  Diagnosed with brain cancer with a dire prognosis, David turned a doctor's death sentence into 20 years of dynamic living.  He's both a practitioner AND a patient - his perspective is invaluable.  We also want to encourage, and to that end we include a copy of Radical Remission or Radical Hope by Kelly Turner, PhD.  These books were where my journey to empowerment and long term wellness began.  Chock full of stories of stage 4 fighters who make the conscious choice to contribute in an active way to their healing by making significant lifestyle changes that saved their lives.  We also include a two hour introductory cancer coaching session with Cynthia (Click HERE for Cynthia's BIO) that allows the recipient to begin the process of formulating an action plan for healing and long term wellness.  And, of course, plenty of encouraging items that remind us how much power we have in healing.  Click HERE for pricing and to purchase.

Additional Add-On Options


Our comprehensive coaching program covering all of our healing/wellness components consists of 10 coaching sessions.  While the introductory 2 hour session is included in our Base Pack, the additional 8 sessions can be added on at a considerable discount over standard hourly rates.  Click HERE for pricing and to purchase.


MPoWR hosts multiple weekend retreats annually in beautiful St. Augustine, FL.  Attendance includes the fighter/survivor, as well as a loved one or caregiver.  Travel/Accomodations not included.  All components of our healing/survivor plan are covered, and attendee leaves with a personalized action plan for healing/wellness.  Runs Friday evening through Sunday evening.  Click HERE for pricing and to purchase.

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