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Friends ... I have one question for you ... has this whole Corona Virus thing been incredibly challenging for you ?? I don't necessarily mean the behavior guidelines, specifically. But the whole thing. For the last few weeks I have found myself incredibly frustrated and a bit depressed. There ... I said it. I pride myself on my personal resiliency but this has been incredibly difficult for me. Of course, my prayers have been focused on those who are ill .. But the uncertainty ... the dire projections early on ... the economic shut down. Well, it's all been completely unnerving for this independent contractor. Not a chance my boss was going to keep me on and pay me my normal wages - because I AM the boss ... and my ability to make a living was directly affected by the shut down ...

I only feel empowered (no pun intended) to begin to venture out into my pre-Covid intellectual life because of the many changes recently: the projections have softened considerably ... we are, once again, permitted to walk our beautiful beaches ... and I feel like I can see the light at the end of the Covid tunnel.

If you are struggling out there ... perhaps dealing both with Covid AND a chronic disease diagnosis ... I just want to say ME, TOO ! While I may not be battling cancer right now like many of you, I want to let you know that I am with you as we struggle to maintain a positive mental attitude and continue to live what's left of our normal day to day. I want to say I HEAR YOU when you scream out for hope and certainty when, at times, there is none.

Personally, I found myself with nothing to write ... nothing of myself to share with you, friends. I'm embarrassed to admit that but it is true. And, if it makes anyone among you feel just a tad bit better that you have a kindred spirit in me, well, that's a good thing. If it feels good for someone to tell you that this has been really hard for them, I'm your girl. Sending virtual hugs to all of you this very minute.

And ... let me just share ... I have, once again, found my voice and will begin to share with you regularly. And I'm SO excited to reconnect. We will begin working on our future event schedule .. hopefully get back on track VERY soon with our Monday night drop in sessions ... and I even have some new ideas I can't wait to share.

Stay strong my beautiful and capable friends. This will soon pass ... and we will be able to dive back into life (with social distancing guidelines in place, of course). We may never be the same ... but it will be up to us to make the future shine even more brightly than the past.

Blessings, friends. Can't wait to see you all again very soon !!!

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