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5 Day Retreat

What will I learn:  Using the Radical Remission factors as our guide, we will learn how to:

  • Develop and trust our intuition to determine the best individual healing practices for each of us

  • Identify our most profound reasons for living which motivate us in our wellness practices

  • Activate our empowered self – to learn how to take a more active role in all aspects of our health care

  • Use effective nutritional strategies to provide our body what it needs to heal and promote wellness

  • Release suppressed emotions that may block our journey to wellness

  • Actively cultivate positive emotions which support healthier biology

  • Select vitamins, minerals and supplements that we believe will contribute to our wellness

  • Develop a social support network 


Participants will complete a personalized action plan that they will be ready to implement the moment they arrive home.

Our Goal:  to help participants develop daily practices/habits that promote wellness and fight disease …. Including cancer.

A broad array of healing modalities and healing practices adopted by the Radical Remission survivors will be introduced to allow each participant to utilize their intuition to select those that resonate with them.

Focus will be placed on mindfulness and presence to reduce stress and anxiety while promoting a greater sense of peace, calm and purpose.

Who will benefit:  Anyone touched by cancer or concerned about cancer:  patients who are seeking to fight their cancer, survivors who are seeking to prevent recurrence, anyone who loves a cancer patient or survivor who is committed to helping them heal, and anyone concerned about cancer prevention.  In short, EVERYONE!!  The fact that the Radical Remission survivors were able to treat their cancer speaks to the curative nature of their practices.  And the fact that they have been able to remain cancer free for extended periods of time speaks to the preventive nature of these practices.

About the instructor:  MPoWR St. Augustine’s Founder Cynthia Searle is our Radical Remission Certified Instructor.  She is a two time cancer survivor who devotes her life to educating cancer patients and helping them adopt daily practices that promote wellness and fight disease.  She is joined by our Retreat Coordinator, fellow cancer survivor Hillary Piniaz who plans and coordinates the myriad guest speakers and experience activities that make our retreat so memorable.  We have amassed a team of survivors and local practitioners who share their experience and teach in their areas of expertise.

Location info:   Rest, rejuvenate, and invigorate in the beautiful historic coastal town of St. Augustine, Florida. The oldest continuously inhabited city in the United States dating back to the 1500’s, St. Augustine is both the beautiful historic bayfront and the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. It is filled with classic Spanish architecture, serene scenery, and wonderful restaurants and shopping. Stroll through Anastasia State Park or along the soft sandy beach, this location is perfect for healing.

Possible Add-ons: The following fee based services are some of the available add on services:  massage, energy healing, reiki, acupuncture, tennis, golf, sound healing, salt therapy

CLICK HERE  for a 5 day retreat sample schedule.  Sample schedule subject to change.  For general Informational purposes only.

Waitlist:  For more information on how to get on the waitlist, contact Cynthia Searle or Hillary Piniaz.

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