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Shin Terayama Beats Stage 4 Kidney Cancer

As a two-time cancer survivor, I love me a good survivor story. In fact, I search them out .... study them .... try to learn from them. And one thing is evident in every survivor story I encounter: the development of daily healing practices and habits. Shin Terayama was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer at 47 years old. Traditional treatment failed him and he was sent to hospice care. But Shin had a different plan and now, at 83 years old, he is still talking about his Radical Remission and sharing his daily practices with us.

My favorite part of the Shin story is his mention of sunrise. You see, the sunrise is a potent part of my healing story as well. In fact, the cover picture for this post was taken 8 years ago during one of my sunrise meditation/prayer times here in St. Augustine Beach. Seems too simple, right ? Sunrise ... happens every day ... what's the big deal? For many, sunrise is a potent opportunity to slow down ... to stop ... to breathe ... to experience the grandeur that is each new day. To set your day on a foundation of gratitude. This was true for Shin and remains true for me to this day. I use the time of sunrise to pause and reflect ... to thank God for the fact that I'm alive for one more day ... to breathe deeply, still my thoughts and calm my worries. Sunrise reminds me that this world is big - and that my problems are small in comparison. And that they, too, shall pass ... as they always do. Sunrise is energy ... peace ... quiet stillness ... intense beauty. All wonderful things to harness for healing.

Friends ... if you haven't yet developed a morning ritual that centers and grounds you in gratitude, I strongly suggest you consider creating one. Yes, it takes time. Yes, it may cut into your sleep schedule. But for me, the benefit of a fresh start .... the acknowledging of the power and possibilities of the new day ahead ... well, priceless, indeed.

The Radical Remission Docuseries began yesterday with the factor 'Empowerment'. This episode includes Shin's story and

is available for free for another 10 hours (until 6:59 pm EST today). It's only 57 minutes so please take the time to watch as two survivors share their stories and healing practices with you. Powerful stuff, indeed ....

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