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Forgotten Wellness Pillar: RESTORATIVE SLEEP

In the 10 years since I completed treatment for my last battle with Trip Neg Breast Cancer I have learned so much about what it means to pursue wellness. I have learned that it is a conscious choice, not luck of the draw to actively pursue wellness. I have learned that food is medicine and the cornerstone of good health. I have learned that we cannot disregard our mental and emotional health, as it effects our biology just as profoundly as nutrition does. But one thing I did not fully understand and that has become a pillar of wellness for me personally and for us at MPoWR St. Augustine, is the importance of restorative sleep for healing. We hear people brag about how they are always 'on' ... always thinking and planning and accomplishing. We look up to people who are 'Type A' as they always seem to be climbing the worldly ladders so much more quickly than we are. But at what cost ?? Our body is most effective at 'rest and repair' when we are, in fact, resting. And we are most restful when we are experiencing restorative sleep. For example, did you know that good restorative sleep bolsters our T Cells ?? Effective T Cells are very important in the fight against cancer !!

I love sharing my reading choices with you. Today I want to introduce you to one of my favorite authors and podcast hosts, Shawn Stevenson (The Model Health Show). His book Sleep Smarter is my current read and is AMAZING ! This is an area that continues to be a challenge for me. I find it very difficult to turn my mind off and settle in for the proverbial 'good night's sleep'. If this is an area that challenges you, please give this resource a shot. Shawn Stevenson writes and speaks in a way that is engaging but easily understandable. He references research/studies and provides strategies to help the reader adopt better daily habits and practices. He also helps you develop a 14 day plan to improve your sleep habits.

For my friends out there that struggle in this area, give this a try. And let me know how it goes!! Love to hear all your success stories!

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