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False Hope ?

As I watch the coverage of the corona virus pandemic, one of the federal administrators said the phrase: "I don't want to give anyone false hope ....". That phrase touched a nerve with me. In the past I have been accused of spreading 'false hope'. I was told that it was wrong and even cruel to tell stage 3 and stage 4 cancer patients that they could find healing. Of course, these comments came from those in the medical profession who use (as their justification) probabilities and statistics. Funny ... it is precisely probabilities and statistics that I believe give me the right to raise this 'false hope'.

When we are first diagnosed with some sort of chronic, possibly fatal, disease we do what every red-blooded person does: we google :). What are my odds ?? Am I gonna die ? Give me the numbers! But here's the rub ... it doesn't really matter what the numbers say. Those numbers don't know you! They don't know your spirit ... your fight ... your willingness to do everything that's necessary to heal ... Those numbers have no way of knowing who you are or where you will fall on the statistical matrix. Nor does the physician. What does it matter if your odds are 100 to 1 ... as long as you are the '1'??

At MPoWR St. Augustine our goal is to make each and every one of you believe you can be the '1' and therefor become the '1'. If I took 100 people with the same 100 to 1 odds and was somehow able to activate every single one of them to fight utilizing our factors as their guide, I'm certain the odds in that particular group would change considerably.

False hope? NO WAY! Your physician can't possibly tell you where you will fall in the statistical matrix. He or she has no way of knowing if you will fall in line with the statistical model or be one of the people who experiences a radical remission. And what's most important is that YOU believe you can heal .... and that you embrace the lifestyle changes that will help your body do so. I can't predict the future and I offer no guarantees ... but I am absolutely certain that lifestyle changes give us the best chance.

In Summer, 2020 MPoWR St. Augustine will be launching our BE THE '1' campaign. Stay tuned. I'm hoping that you will let us help you BE THE '1'.

Blessings ....

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