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Contessa's Beach Ball Theory

So I just finished watching episode 3 of the Radical Remission Docuseries on the topic of Suppressed Emotions. It was riveting .... but all I could think about was my friend Contessa's beach ball theory. Now ... bear with me ... this isn't entirely scientific but it's fun none the less.

Contessa would talk about the beach ball of thoughts, feelings or emotions that she so adeptly pushed down under the water in an attempt to pretend they never existed. The visual is particularly poetic. Imagine pushing a beach ball under the water ... then struggling to find ways to keep it there so that those thoughts, feelings and emotions didn't pop back up and hit you in the face. If that's ever happened to you, you know the force associated with that beach ball. It takes every bit of strength you have to keep that ball under water.

Suppressed emotions ... If I asked each one of you whether you have suppressed emotions that keep you from health and wellness, I suspect most of you would quickly respond in the negative. That's not unusual or unexpected. Most of us have buried these things so deep we no longer remember them by name nor acknowledge their existence. We deal every day with the residual effects of them but continue to insist there's nothing there to see. "Move on folks .. nothing here to see...".

What if I told you that every Radical Remission survivor, in order to clear the emotional blockages and get the good healing vibrations moving again, had to take a good, solid, eyes open, deep dive into their beach ball? Would that surprise you ?

For some of you that is unimaginable. You know you 'have issues' but feel like they would best be dealt with some other time - some more perfect time - when all the stars align and the universe speaks audibly to you. In other words .... NEVER . Others are in denial that you even have a beach ball. I want you to know ... I understand ... I get it. This is where most of us park our butts and stay for the long haul. This work is hard ... and it's often incredibly painful. It's no wonder we turn and run rather than face it head-on.

But I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way. We all have thoughts, beliefs and patterns that were developed in childhood and have remained since. For some it's unhealed pain and trauma ... for others possibly internalized disappointment over life's course ... for yet others it's deeply held guilt or shame. Radical Remission survivors realized that part of their healing journey had to include an honest look at those holdovers from childhood that were stunting their emotional growth and stalling their ability to heal. It was only in addressing those 'beach ball' issues head on, offering forgiveness (to others or more importantly, to themselves) that healing could happen.

Ready to do the work ?? Reach out - we can shepherd you in the right direction ....

Blessings ....

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