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Choose Life !

So next week we begin a new Radical Remission Weekly Drop-In Session Series in beautiful St. Augustine. This has been my dream for a while now. I twice battled cancer. The first time relying entirely on western medicine to 'cure' me .... the second time realizing that I had to actively participate in my journey to wellness if I had any hope of long term success. My non-profit's mission is simple: convince everyone I can that their odds of success in this fight against cancer will greatly increase if they embrace more healthy daily lifestyle practices. Simply put - that's what I did and it worked. Google Triple Negative Breast Cancer and what you find is generally not pretty. Especially if you google recurrent TNBC. And yet, 9 years after my last diagnosis, here I sit ... feeling great and working hard to help others learn the easy way what I had to learn the hard way. I am certain that some find me entirely annoying. I have noticed people turn and walk the other way when I approach. Fair enough. Change is hard - that's what everyone tells us, right? And we are absolutely convinced that it is true. And this belief keeps us in bondage to our unhealthy choices. It is my hope that my life's work with MPoWR St. Augustine and The Radical Remission Project will draw people out of bondage to bad habits ... and EMPOWER them to CHOOSE LIFE. I am a perfect example of someone whose daily habits and practices did nothing to help my body fight off disease. Now, 9 years later, my lifestyle choices are entirely different and my body is functioning much more efficiently. The Radical Remission Survivors beat the odds - and their habits/choices light the way for the rest of us. Let us help you CHOOSE LIFE !!

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