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Cancer Research Added to Our Website

I am delighted to tell you that we are quickly building up the cancer research section of our website: We share scientific articles and anecdotal articles that focus on several pillars integral to the cancer fight and cancer prevention: Nutrition, Stress Reduction, Household and Personal Product Toxin Elimination, as well as general topics of interest: Mastectomy vs. Lumpectomy for breast cancer patients. This week we have added 4 new articles in the 'Toxin' section which outline some of the known household and personal care products to avoid, address what survivors and fighters can do to counteract toxins, and includes a discussion regarding the mechanisms by which toxins disrupt our body's defense systems. We also added 4 new articles in the 'Stress Reduction' section that outline the link between chronic stress and cancer (both initial diagnosis and recurrence), as well as a very interesting article that proposes that additional surgeries (mastectomy, perhaps) creates what they call 'surgery stress' that might lead to metastasis. Definitely interesting reading !!!

I am also excited to share that we have set a date and location for our next Healing Retreat! We will come together on Sunday night, February 20th and finish at 5 p.m. on Thursday, February 24th. Located at the beautiful Embassy Suites on St. Augustine Beach, attendees will enjoy fellowship with other fighters and survivors as we educate and empower you to do EVERYTHING you can to fight cancer and remain cancer-free. We spend two days learning the Radical Remission factors for healing, then two additional days experiencing additional healing modalities, as well as learning about the mind/body connection, the importance of epigenetics in healing, and the power of the individual to participate in an active way in their own healing and wellness. More information and registration links will be available on Christmas day. Stay tuned !

Blessings, everyone. Thank you for your support as we do our part in the fight against cancer !

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