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Are You Sufficiently 'Anchored' ??

In my Corona Virus isolation, I have been thinking alot about what it means to be anchored - firmly connected to my best and highest self. How is it that we go astray ? How is it that we wake up one day and feel less like ourselves and so much like a person we are embarrassed by or possibly even ashamed of? Does this ever happen to you? You are doing well ... life is moving along nicely .. and something happens (Corona Virus) and all of a sudden the momentum that was so present has disappeared and you can't seem to find your way ?

I confess to you, friends, that this was me! I describe myself. I woke up one day and couldn't seem to find the capable woman I was only weeks before. Luckily, I encountered a podcast that learned me a thing or two :)) (grammatical errors intentional)

My favorite follow is Mark Groves (Insta and Podcast) - his insights are daily feeding me ... daily dragging me forward to a more interesting me ... encouraging me to connect with my higher, more integrity driven self. His language is flowery - I choose to disregard that and focus on his content. Recently, I encountered a meditation podcast by Mark that talked about anchors and it really spoke to me. See if this resonates with you ...

Anchors are grounding mechanisms - daily practices or habits that basically keep us on track - help us to remain consistently in alignment with our core values. Sooooo ... when we employ these anchors on a daily basis, we find ourselves thinking, behaving, and making choices that serve us well.

For me, these anchors include daily prayer and meditation, good nutrition, exercise (bicycle and yoga at home), counsel with friends to make sure I'm making the right choices, affirming music, and personal growth activities (books, podcasts, etc). When I schedule and make time for these anchors, good things happen. My thoughts, behaviors and choices remain consistent with my best version of myself - the Cynthia I'm most proud of.

Friends, I firmly believe if we are going to make a dent in chronic disease (including cancer) we need to first pay more attention to these anchors (or lack thereof). Good choices don't just happen in a vacuum - if you are telling yourself that it's just easier for everyone else - easier to eat better ... easier to exercise ... easier to work on personal growth for everyone else ... well, you've been told a lie that you're continuing to believe. Truth is, it isn't easy for ANYONE. Those that eat right ... exercise daily .... focus on learning and growing ... they WORK at it. It doesn't just happen. They PURPOSE to do those things ... They purpose to cultivate those anchors ... They purpose to foster good health and wellness.

YOU CAN, TOO !!! Not sure where to start ??? Reach out and send me a private message - my email is in my bio ... I'm glad to help. Remember, we are new EVERY morning ... perhaps it's time for a fresh start ?????

Blessings ... now turn what you learn into action. You won't manifest change if all you do is think about it :)) !!!

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