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And So It Begins ...

It is midnight and I am thinking about Sarah in the bible. She wanted one thing more than anything - to be a mom. She waited for so very long - at times impatiently - until that day came in her 9th decade. I can relate. For 9 years I have been thinking about bringing form to my dream. While it has nothing to do with my family, in many ways it has everything to do with others' families. Those close to me know that I have spent quite a bit of time in the last 9 years peer counseling others newly diagnosed with cancer. I never declined a meeting - never turned down a referral from a physician. But I always knew that one on one meetings, while beneficial, were not the best way to affect the most people. So now, at midnight on a Friday night, I just hit the 'Publish' key for our new MPoWR St. Augustine website. It's fun and visual interesting ... entirely my style. Actually this whole exercise has felt a bit like birthing a child. All the ideas that have been floating around in my head ... All the books that I've read ... all the cancer conversations that have brought me to this place ...

On Monday we will begin our journey to spread the cancer gospel. For, while cancer remains a formidable opponent, none the less there is good news. Data suggests that patients that take an active role in their healing experience better outcomes. My cancer story attests to the fact that this is true. I recognized that I had very strong reasons for living and was willing to fight hard for my children. I was willing to research to find the most productive things I could do myself to improve my odds. And I have been fortunate to have 9 cancer-free years.

I am so excited to share my story .... so excited to teach the Radical Remission Factors ... so excited to EMPOWER those who come our way to fight for their very own Radical Remission. For those of you interested in our retreats, we are working feverishly to get the 2020 calendar together. For those of you who are local, I hope to see you on Monday night as we begin our new Radical Remission Weekly Drop In Series in St. Augustine. Have fun checking out our new website. Oh ... and if there are any errors ... that wasn't me :)

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