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Cynthia Searle

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Just short of her 43rd birthday and 9 months after the birth of her 3rd child, Cynthia was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.  With no history of cancer in her family, she was ill equipped for the news.  A quick google search reminded her of the danger of this type of cancer and the fight that awaited her.  Having absolutely no experience with cancer or treatment protocols and full of fear, Cynthia spent the ensuing year as the best, most compliant patient EVER.  Believing that western medicine offered the best opportunity for healing, she endured a full course of chemotherapy, surgery, another full course of chemotherapy, and 32 daily radiation treatments. 

One year after diagnosis, as her treatment came to an end and now cancer free, she asked her medical oncologist one last question:  “As I leave here treatment completed and cancer free, I feel frightened and naked without the protection of chemo or radiation.  What can I do from this point on to stay healthy?”  Unfortunately, and like so many in the medical community, he was ill-equipped to answer.  “High fiber, low fat – that’s all we really know.  It’s really luck of the draw.  Just keep living your life …”

And so ….  With that advice in hand, she went back into the world, embracing all the bad habits that challenged her wellness in the first place.

2 ½ years later she began to feel some tenderness in her chest.  Believing it to be residual damage from the radiation (a theory proposed by her medical oncologist) she went on with her life.   Another 6 months passed when she began to notice that her sternum was soft and achy.  A trip to the hospital confirmed what she suspected:  the tenderness in her chest felt some 9 months before was actually a new tumor developing in her mammary lymph nodes.  A lateral CT scan found a 5 cm tumor as well as some cancerous activity in her clavicular lymph nodes.  Having blindly trusted the wisdom of the medical community the first time, and now faced with the dismal survival rates of metastatic triple negative breast cancer, she was now determined to take a more active role in her cancer fight.   

With the help of some dedicated friends to shepherd her into the unknown world of holistic medicine she began to read everything she could to educate herself.  Focusing entirely on scientific research supporting the concept of food as medicine, she immediately began to wonder if she had slowly been killing herself ….  one unhealthy bite at a time.  You know the drill:  fast food …  processed food … lots of carbs … no vegetables …. Anything with French fries.

With three weeks until the start of chemotherapy she created a new nutritional plan grounded in science.  She began her new nutritional life on a Monday morning and by Thursday she woke to a throbbing pain on her left side – almost as though a profound internal struggle was taking place.  24 hours later the pain disappeared almost as abruptly as it arrived, and it was then that she noticed another interesting change taking place.  The one evidence of her cancer that she could touch (the cancerous lymph node in her neck) felt different.  Originally the size and composition of a kidney bean, the lymph node was starting to soften.  Every day the lymph node got smaller and lost its shape until it disappeared 2 weeks later. 

In 2012 Cynthia completed a full course of traditional western treatment which, coupled with her commitment to a complete overhaul of her nutritional practices, lead to the blessing of once again being declared cancer-free!!  And she has remained cancer-free even since!

In the years following her second cancer battle Cynthia has built a ministry providing peer counseling and support to cancer patients, survivors and their loved ones. 

In 2018 Cynthia established a non-profit organization called MPoWR St. Augustine designed to inspire, educate and EMPOWER individuals in her community to actively participate in both the fight against and prevention of cancer. 

As a Certified Radical Remission Instructor, Cynthia hosts intimate Radical Remission Retreats in her hometown of St. Augustine, FL.  Combining the beauty and restful pace of the Florida coast, along with the historic offerings of the oldest continuously inhabited city in the US, Cynthia believes St. Augustine is a wonderful location for people to recharge their healing ‘batteries’ and create an action plan for wellness.  She also hosts multiple weekly drop-in sessions, covering 1 Radical Remission Factor at a time for those local residents seeking a more immediate opportunity to incorporate the Radical Remission Factors into their life. 

When she is not hosting Radical Remission events you can find her serving clients as a licensed real estate broker.  Her interests include her Christian faith, deep dives into cancer research, her 3 amazing children, high level competitive tennis, riding her beach cruiser, meditation at the beach and anything ‘coffee’. 

If you are interested in 1 on 1 coaching sessions with Cynthia, click here.

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